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29th Dec 2017, 5:51 PM in MS Cpt 5

MS 5:1 - Rub This Can of Peas in Your Hair

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MS 5:1 - Rub This Can of Peas in Your Hair
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Author Notes:

Smilocide 29th Dec 2017, 5:51 PM edit delete
Big things have been happening erstwhile! This also marks the first appearance of the smilans' ancient enemies, the egs. Whatever vicissitudes may visit the smilan people, though, Jeff still grapples with the same issues. Also, Merry belated Christmas.


MadJak91 5th Jan 2018, 10:56 AM edit delete reply
Dumb question but... Can Jeff just quit? Or is that desertion? I mean, he should be able to leave the service and he honestly a LOT to his name at this point. I understand they do not really have a better pilot so I guess he is forced to continue.
Perhaps the generals are worse in reality but that is unknown to Jeff.

Shame you are not familiar with Gundam because I would say Jeff needs a "Bright slap" but then it is kind of sad because he just became a tool for the Smilan power holders :/

I just realized a couple of pages have 2016 on them... Do not tell me you have-- No way!! :D
Smilocide 5th Jan 2018, 2:12 PM edit delete reply
Ha Jeff probably COULD quit. There would probably be a lot of rigamarole involved, but more than that, even though Jeff kind of buckles under the pressure of his job, it's also the only thing giving his life purpose, and more than that, MS is technically government property, so hanging out with his robo-friend would probably be out. Jeff quitting is an interesting though, though. I'm filing that idea away for later. Maybe I'll just put together a whole chapter from your ideas and hive you writing credit!

And your right! I though I'd used up the last of the 2016 templates, but I guess not! Good catch! I'll attend to that... some day.
MadJak91 7th Jan 2018, 2:51 PM edit delete reply
In that case Jeff is really good natured and the generals probably know that. Someone of his skill could easily go rogue and start doing things on his own. Sure, the mecha belongs to the army but this is Jeff we are talking about. While he cannot go against everyone, do they actually have anyone capable of countering him at the moment? I think not.
Jeff has the possibility of taking matters into his own hands but his nature is the complete opposite of that. Plus he is the last person to do such a harsh decision. Desert and become a rebel/terrorist.

Pff! :D
My comments are not a thesis nor research papers. Credit is not needed if that happens!
Smilocide 12th Jan 2018, 6:27 PM edit delete reply
I love these comments. They always spark ideas for me! This comment sparked some more!
MadJak91 14th Jan 2018, 2:16 PM edit delete reply
Ooh! Thank you! TTuTT

Remember when it was mostly about defeating monsters and protecting people? Yeah. It is not like Smilans do not have their own problems between them and since Jeff is a much better pilot now, and the only real pilot for MS anyway since anyone else proved be quite less capable, I am not surprised his superiors want to use him for other errands as well. And he is like the last person to even think about that sort of issue. He is just following orders and fighting and being depressed about everything, haha. But I still think the leaders are playing with fire. It is a matter of time in my opinion because even "Jeffs" have patience :)
Does that make sense?
Thank god for MT since at least someone keeps some level of common sense there. Pff! Women! :D :D
Smilocide 20th Jan 2018, 9:09 PM edit delete reply
Ha right? There's someone with a level head in the city! (Except for when she's OCCASIONALLY distracted by hunks.)