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7th Feb 2018, 7:03 PM in MS Cpt 5

MS 5:5 - Would You Good Folks Excuse Me a Moment?

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MS 5:5 - Would You Good Folks Excuse Me a Moment?
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Author Notes:

Smilocide 7th Feb 2018, 7:03 PM edit delete
Nega-Smiles is back! and he's raining debris on Causeway's parade! Also, because I love you, another "All the Time We Have" strip.


ALSO! Big news! Volume one of The Adventures of Mecha-Smiles is available in hard copy! Includes the first four chapters of the series, plus lots of bonuses including maps, a smilan language glossary, sketches, and more!
Check it out!


MadJak91 9th Feb 2018, 1:40 PM edit delete reply
You know what is fun to watch? The random Smilans! Always :D
Just like the jokes about watching people in group photos. That purple haired Smilan there? Looking hip! The rest is like indifferent LMAO :D

Ah! The town barely recovered from Flatnote's attack and now this. See, this is why Jeff has the power without realizing it. They need him for this sort of alarm. Not here though. This one is being taken care off. I would still like to see a battle between them though.
btw, I also need bit of a refresher on Nega-Smiles so thanks!

I think I am starting to get it. Dr. Smetmef has his job because he wants to get back on everyone as someone who experienced this on the past and it marked him. I mean, this is too specific and mean of advice... LMAO

One thing to clear right away. Is there absolutely NO OTHER WAY other than Amazon? I would really really like to avoid Amazon if possible. Let me know! If not then I will use it, sure!
Smilocide 9th Feb 2018, 3:12 PM edit delete reply
Ha thery're one of my favorite parts to draw! Nega-Smiles was one of Mecha's antagonists in chapter one: it was built by Baron Bloggkkx and piloted by Sneck Sainmile, who took the name Fejj in opposition to Jeff. Nega-Smiles self-destructed over the city while Fejj's feet were glued to its hull!

I think Smetmef may just really enjoy messing with people and gauging their reactions. He'd be a good hidden camera show host!

There is one other way: get me your address and I'll send you one directly! I'll even personalize it! (just out of curiosity: do you have a vendetta against Amazon?)
MadJak91 11th Feb 2018, 2:33 PM edit delete reply
Wow. Thanks! Actually, this book came at the right time because I need some serious reading. Back then I binged the first chapters until... whatever page was current. I forgot tons of info that is now being referenced so feel free to clue me in again. Or link to relevant pages. Still, I will be able to read it in peace :D

Now it needs a third series with Smetmef as a show host... Okay, no. That is too many projects already ;)

You can say that. Them and a bunch of other big corporations causing trouble over here. Plus their rates absolutely suck when you want to ship here IF you even can. Nothing more than greed. But bleh! That is not the point :D
Let us see...
If it is really really okay with you then cool! I accept! Naturally, I am going to pay for everything just like with a normal order. That part stays and is not open for discussion. Budget has been approved and it is nothing I cannot afford. Just that THOSE guys are not getting that money :D
I will email you the details and we can agree there. More motivation to reply to all the emails I still have on my TODO list. Expect it during the upcoming week.