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2nd Apr 2016, 12:00 PM in MS Cpt. 2: Smohix Smonster Smash

MS 2:24 - She Sent Out All the Signals...

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MS 2:24 - She Sent Out All the Signals...
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Author Notes:

Smilocide 2nd Apr 2016, 12:00 PM edit delete
This scene... Man, I'm pleased with this scene. I don't know if it works for anyone else, but in my own mind, these silly looking little blob people are living some serious, real, human emotions right now. Don't beat yourself up too much, Me-Me. Totlub would have definitely made Pâté out of you.


MadJak91 2nd Apr 2016, 12:39 PM edit delete reply
Crisis averted. Thankfully nothing happened.
At least he did not force himself on her.

Sucks but MM should turn this to his "advantage" (sounds creepy but how to say it) and tell her what is up once she calms down :/
Bird sympathizes :)
Smilocide 2nd Apr 2016, 1:35 PM edit delete reply
Yeah, that setups was a bit of a garden path ploy, but MT has wizened up! MM outrage demands satisfaction, nonetheless!
Rd Ashes 2nd Apr 2016, 8:12 PM edit delete reply
Rd Ashes
Yeah, you nailed MT's reaction AND MM's anger and frustration.
Great page.

I'm looking forward to seeing the aftermath of this event.
Especially what the resolution will be from MM's point of view.

Little bird, curious, or compassionate?
Adorable regardless. <3
Smilocide 2nd Apr 2016, 9:07 PM edit delete reply
Yeah, I think this is the most real page I've ever made, or put online at least. Little bird: mostly just compassionate, I'm guessing, but then, I didn't really get into his head when I wrote him :O
cool rhiannon 18th Apr 2016, 2:23 PM edit delete reply
cool rhiannon
I love the way the characters' cute, silly designs contrast with the serious tone in this part! It definitely works :D
And I really like Mop Top's pose and her expressions, and the flow of the movement when she breaks away from Totlub! Very dramatic!
(I hope this comment isn't too long, but I also really like your eye for colours, esp the contrasting purples/yellows or complimentary greys/blues/greens in the most recent pages!)
Smilocide 18th Apr 2016, 7:02 PM edit delete reply
THANKS! Yeah, this series is supposed to be all about contrasts and flouting preconceptions, so I'm glad that came across!
It's absolutely NOT too long! I'm always glad to get input an' stuff! That's one of the best parts! I'm glad you approve of the colors, too! I'm still committed to turning this comic out without too many birthing pains, so I only use 2 colors per page; I try and keep a nice contrast between them while making sure they serve the subject, and then I dodge and burn for variation. That, and this chapter has been set over the course of an evening, so the tones gradually got darker, and will gradually lighten again now as the day breaks. Now THAT was a long comment!